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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road Rage

I'm not one to fly off the handle, screaming and yelling at idiotic drivers. But, every now and again, there's a situation where I just want to ram my car into another one, or slam on my brakes and have them eat my bumper.

Case in point.

I was on my way home this lovely evening (I'd been out late to a dog training class) when a car (an old beat up Ford Explorer to be exact) decided to tailgate me. I was already running 77 in a 70 mph zone on a 2-lane section of interstate. I was in the left lane, slowly gaining on a sedan in the right lane. A few car lengths ahead of me, in the right lane, was an RV.

Like I said, this old POS Explorer comes flying up behind me. I can obviously tell he's in a hurry, either that or he was just trying to get a closer look at my cool bumper stickers. I was MORE than willing to get out of his way, but I couldn't get over (duh, there's a car there), and I refused to go over 80 (I've got to think about my own safety, ya know?), and I was already technically passing the sedan that was keeping me from changing lanes to get out of the nut-job's way, so I bumped up the cruise control to 79. (Holy long sentence, Batman!)

Finally, I get enough clearance to get over into the right lane and what does this jerk-knot do??? Whips around from behind me, over in front of the sedan, causing those poor souls to slam on their brakes to avoid having their front end taken off. The Explorer goes speeding past me, and as they do, they put their hand out the window and give me a thumbs up. I'm assuming that was a redneck way of telling me they liked me, no? Yeah, I didn't think so either. 

Anyway, the losers sped off, whipping in and out of traffic, and were gone. I did get over into the right lane anyways, just to prove a point, but the thought crossed my mind for a moment that they had simultaneously scared me AND pissed me off. 

And then I thought, pray for them. Pray that they stay safe. Pray that they don't cause anyone to get hurt. Pray that the State Trooper pulls them over....I digress.

Don't rush to anger and instead pray.

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