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Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Friday Favorites

It's been a busy week here at the 3DW house.
But, I did manage to get out and about to gather up this week's Five Friday Favorites.

1. Tropical Sno


I'm what I would call "obsessed" with these sweet, icy treats. They scream SUMMER! One recently opened up nearby, and I've been multiple times a week since I found it. I love everything about it - the no spill cups, the color change spoons, the yummy flavors and endless flavor combinations you can create, and the prices! A small is just $3 and a large is just $5. Plus, you get a loyalty punch card and get your 11th Tropical Sno free.

2. HGTV's Sherwin Williams Paint Palettes


I made it into my local Sherwin Williams this week and stole picked up all the HGTV color palettes. I also checked out the wallpaper book for the collection. I think my favorite is the Liveable Luxe, but it's really hard to choose!

3. The Dog Park

Whiskey and his dog park buddy.

Ahhh, the dog park. We have several to choose from in my area, but my favorite one is a good 20 minutes from my house. I'm willing to drive the distance though because this particular dog park is very large and has very diverse doggy visitors. My dogs love the dog park, Sammie especially, but Whiskey is just happy sitting on the bench watching everyone else play. He also likes to hit on the ladies....

4. Law & Order: SVU Marathons


You can always count on a good series marathon or two during the holidays. My ultimate favorite is Law & Order: SVU. My husband constantly rolls his eyes at me when he finds me perched on the end of the bed or on the arm of the couch catching "just a second" of one of the 900 episodes.

5. Festive Foods


I love food, and I love the holidays. And, I especially love the food of the holidays. Summer is all about fun, fresh and patriotic foods. This patriotic trifle I came across this week fits all the summer food requirements. I can't wait to try out this recipe.

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