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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

My wedding day, April 2010

I know every girl says they have the greatest dad in the world. But, I disagree because I have the greatest dad in the world. 

Daddy was the first man in my life that I loved unconditionally. He taught me how to love and how I should be loved. He taught me how to give and how to receive; graciously and humbly. 

He taught me how to support myself if needed, how to handle things on my own, but also how to ask for help when I got in over my head. He taught me how to say "I'm sorry," or "my bad," and how to ask for forgiveness, accept that forgiveness, and move on.

He taught me how to drive, how to put gas in my car, how to get my oil changed, and how to use the lawnmower. He taught me how to iron (he's an expert), and how to pick the perfect pair of shoes for my outfit (while funny, it's true). 

He taught me about becoming a woman (though my mom helped a lot, daddy was the one who told me the details). He took me to buy my first bra and wasn't embarrassing and stayed totally cool (see I told you he was the best). He also taught me how to deal with both puppy love and heartbreak.

My dad taught me a lot. But, most importantly, he taught me about Jesus. He taught me about His unconditional love, grace, and freedom under His protection. Daddy led me to the Lord when I was 10, sitting around the kitchen table with my younger brothers. I will never forget the moment my life changed, and I owe it all to my Daddy.

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