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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Five Friday (er...Sunday) Favorites

Welp, I did it. I missed my Friday post. 

I have an excuse though. A good one...well, not really. 

But, the 3DW house has been a massive whirlwind of activity this last week, but I can't tell you why just yet (and no, we're not pregnant!) But, I have come across some fun stuff this week, and though it's a few days late, here's my Five Friday Favorites --Sunday Edition!


1. Lowe's
First of all, I am not endorsed by Lowe's (though wouldn't that be neat??) And, I've never really been one to wander the giant warehouse on the prowl for a good deal or something cool (I usually go to TJMaxx for that -- not endorsed by them either, but Mr. TJMaxx if you're reading, I would be totally awesome at buying and reviewing your amazeness.) However, there's been lots of Spring cleaning and Summer home improvements going on around the 3DW house lately, and while my husband usually does the Lowe's purchasing, I've been keeping him busy with said cleaning and improving. So, that left me to go and shop and buy the things we needed. We have 2 Lowe's in our area. Both have always had what I needed. The employees always know what isle the item I need is on (and if they don't they actually act like they care enough to find someone who does know where the item is), and their return policy is great. Anyway, yeah, Lowe's, check 'em out.

2. Christian Music
I usually don't listen to Christian music, but I love music in general, and always enjoy the worship service at our church, so I thought I'd find up our local Christian station and add it to my presets. I'm glad I did! 
Our pastor said something the other week that resonated with me regarding music and worship. He said, if you ever feel alone, just sing out a song to God. He will be there. I don't really feel alone, but if I'm ever wanting to feel a bit more connected, I just get in my car, turn on the jams, and sing!

I used to have about 25 rewards cards in my wallet. It was so stuffed full it wouldn't even close! Then I wised up and followed a Pinterest idea and moved all the cards onto a ring by themselves. That was very handy. But then, my amaze-balls neighbor told me about her Key Ring App. 
Let me just say this, just go get it. It's free, you will love it. It will change your life!

Music for Deep Sleep with Underwater Sounds of the Sea - Relaxing Bioacoustics Sea Sounds for True Rest - Music for Dreaming and Sleeping

4. Sleepy Time Music
I'm an insomniac. Like, clinically diagnosed, for real, will stay up for 2-3 days straight sometimes, insomniac. Mainly, my problem is FALLING asleep, not STAYING asleep. Once I'm out I'm fine, it's just getting there that's the problem!
Anyways, some things that help me fall asleep faster are no caffeine, no late night snacking, no TV or electronics before bed, a bedtime routine, total darkness, and ambient noise. I went through about 12 different "sleep" songs before I came across "the one." The crashing waves ones would wake me up when the crashing got overly loud. Some tracks would switch abruptly from one type of ambient noise to another. Some even sounded scary! But then I found "Music for Deep Sleep with Underwater Sounds of the Sea" by Underwater Sounds Specialists. I play it every night on repeat while I sleep. It's fantastic. Try it and let me know what you think!

5. Friends
I've been very lucky in my life to come across some folks who I've been able to call "friend." I kind of like the idea of friends and friendship. Building relationships with people who have no real reason to be around you (i.e. they're not your family) or you around them seems the most special type of relationship, no? What is better is when family becomes your friend, or your friend your family. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

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