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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Containing the Clutter...Again!

The other day I showed y`all how I hid away all my laundry room clutter, and stored my ironing board easily behind the door. However, I still needed a cute place to keep the iron and spray starch.

You like? I do!

I didn't want to hang the iron and starch behind the door with the ironing board because the door would bump it or not be able to open all the way. I didn't want to hide it away in my laundry room cabinets either because I'm a leave-everything-out-where-I-can-see-it kind of person.

Somewhere in my internet perusing, I came across a fellow blogger who made a storage box with fabric and jute twine. For the life of me, I can't find my reference for this project, so if you are the blogger who originally created this inspired project, please let me know so I can give you proper credit!

Anyway, I had a small shipping box in my office so I decided to whip up a cute storage basic. 

I started out with a small shipping box and cut the top flaps off. I also wrangled up some fabric I had in my stash (this fabric is from the P. Kaufmann collection and was left over from my dining room drapes project.) You'll also need jute twine and glue. I started out trying Tacky Glue and E6000, but they both were dried out, so I switched to the hot glue gun and that worked well.

I draped the fabric into the box and trimmed it to overhang several inches. Don't worry about the raw edge being on the outside of the box because you will cover it with twine later. For the inside corners, you'll want to trim out the excess fabric. I then overlapped and folded the raw edges to give a clean, finished look. 

Finally, I used packing tape and secured the fabric edge to the outside of the box.

On the bottom corner of the box (you can start on whichever side you like), I dabbed a bit of hot glue and attached the twine. I then wrapped the twine once around the entire bottom edge of the box securing it at each corner.

When you get back to where you started, add more hot glue and secure the twine. Then, start wrapping the twine up the box making sure each layer is tight to the box and to the twine row below it. I did not secure the twine with hot glue as I moved up the box. The tightness of the twine will allow it to hold itself as you move up the box.

Continue to move up the box until you only have an inch or two of fabric still visible. You'll secure the end of the twine to the box with hot glue.

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