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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pray for Oklahoma

This post was scheduled to be about May's BarkBox, but in light of the events that occurred yesterday,  it seemed frivolous and inappropriate to continue with the scheduled post. 

My heart breaks for the families of the lives lost in the tornado that took 51 in Moore, OK. From the current reports, an EF-4 (most likely to be upgraded to an EF-5) tornado ripped through the town of 54,000 people, taking with it homes, business, cars and trucks, trees, and 51 souls. The tornado claimed, at current count, 20 children from the 2 elementary schools that were in it's path.

I know a thing or two about tornadoes. I live in North Alabama, in an area that I like to call "the alley of tornado alley." For whatever reason, the area within a mile of my home is a magnet for tornadoes. We were surprised by an EF-0 that popped up out of nowhere just last week. It will definitely not be the last to come so close.

The small town where I live was ravaged by an EF-4 tornado during what has been deemed the 4th deadliest tornado outbreak in history. The massive tornado passed just 1 mile from my home. Thankfully we suffered NO storm damage, but the same cannot be said for my neighbors within walking distance down the street. 13 people lost their lives in my county and the neighboring one. 238 in Alabama alone. 

The devastation was awful, to put it mildly. People were homeless and had lost all their material belongings. People were without food, water, simple daily supplies. Gasoline ran out. It was hot and humid. Roads were closed. Power was out for days. But what the people weren't without was faith, hope, and love.

I was proud of my fellow Alabamians. They pulled together. Helped each other, even when they didn't have anything to give. People from neighboring cities, counties, and even states, trucked in food, clothing, and water. Families sheltered strangers in their homes just so they could have a cool place to sleep before they went back out and cleared the debris. 

Oklahoma, I'm certain, is a place of hearty folks, pioneers. They will grieve together, pray together, and work together. They will overcome. They will survive. They will rebuild.

God bless Oklahoma.

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