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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May's BarkBox is a Hit

Guess what came in the mail today????

The pups were super excited when I started opening up this month's BarkBox. I really do think they know that the box is for them. They start jumping around and sniffing the air (and slobbering everywhere.)

Ma! Is that mine, Ma? I think that's mine, Mah!

 Even though I have 3 pups, ranging from small to extra largeness, I only order 1 medium BarkBox for $29. I just couldn't justify ordering a box for each dog. The boxes usually come with more than enough treats and toys to supplement my regular monthly dog treat and toy purchases.
** Update: Just received a reduced rate on my BarkBox! Now it's only $24/month.

All the goodies!
This month's box had pretty awesome stuff. Lots of treats and a fun, unique toy.  

Box Breakdown

Retail Value $35.22

Retail Value $5.78
"Much loved by four-legged BarkBoxers everywhere, Barkworthies chews, bullies, and bones are a subscriber favorite. Great for chewing, gnawing, and inducing fits of puppy happiness ..."

3DW Rating: 5/5 Stars
I could barely get the wrapper off these treats before I had pups jumping and slobbering all over me. Homer always loves bully sticks, so he got first dibs (plus he's the oldest and it's his birthday month, so...) Whiskey got the treat stick and loved it, too. (Sammie was too busy with the Orbee-Tuff strawberry toy so she missed out.)

Retail Value $10.45
"Orbee-Tuff toys are USA-made, non-toxic, recyclable, and smell wonderfully minty (but can be rinsed clean after a play session!) Best of all, Planet Dog donates a portion of each purchase to canine service programs throughout the country."

3DW Rating: 4/5 Stars
Sammie grabbed this thing up as soon as I put it on the floor. She loves toys with treat pockets. I love these types of toys because they keep her busy. It is a cute, girly design, and smells fresh and minty (I hate that petroleum smell some rubber toys have). She carried this toy around most of the evening, and Whiskey even played with it for a bit, so I feel pretty sure that this will become a favorite.

Retail Value $9.50
"Here in New York City, people are crazy about their juice bars. Boccee's Bakery has taken green juice and turned it into a healthy, human-grade, all natural treat. Made from spinach, kale, apple, spirulina, flax seeds, and mint, these wheat-free biscuits are also vegan-friendly!"

3DW Rating:5/5
All the pups LOVED this treat. It smells wonderfully and tastes slightly sweet (Yes, I tasted it. It said it was human-grade!) It's a nice, light, semi-crumbly treat, and you know that you aren't giving your pups any nasty chemicals or by-products.

Retail Value $9.49
"Summer's impending arrival means getting the grill ready. Instead of making your dog drool over barbecued meat, Loving Pets has crafted their own line of treats - inspired, of course, by quintessential warm weather meals. Carnivorous pups, we've got you covered."

3DW Rating: 3/5
The pups liked these, but I didn't. They smell a bit unpleasant (this is just a preference thing) with a charcoal type fragrance. They look like hamburger patties crossed with a steak. They are hard. This wasn't a problem for my bigger dogs, but Whiskey had a bit of a problem chewing it up. They do definitely remind you of a cook-out though!

Sammie gets in her daily serving of fruit.

Nom, nom, nom.

Yum, num, num.

What are some of your pets' favorite treats and toys?

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