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Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Get a Pug to Lose Weight

I have a pug. His name is Whiskey. He is fat.

We brought him home when he was 18 months old. It was a January. He was 18 lbs (and intact). 

Now it's a little over 2 years later, he's been neutered, and he's a fluffy 25 lbs. He's happy as he can be, but the veterinarian is a bit concerned about his weight. I will admit, I'm an enabler! I like to treat him. How could you look at this face and say no?

So, how are we going to get him back to his fighting weight? The same way we would! 
Diet and exercise.
(Trust me, he's not that excited about it.)

Step 1: Diet

 Whiskey usually eats 1 cup of kibble a day, plus treats. Under veterinarian instruction, we've cut his kibble down by about half, subbing the missing half with green beans. The vet said we could feed him any veggie he likes, except onions. We've also substituted his treats with green beans. 

Whiskey will eat anything. I. mean. anything. But, the first time we tried to give him his green bean/kibble mix, he picked all the green beans out of his bowl, spit them on the floor, ate the kibble, tried the green beans again, spit them out again, tried them once more, then finally ate them. 

See? I told you he was really excited about it. ;)

Step 2: Exercise

Whiskey has a hard time breathing. I jokingly say he has emphysema. As he's plumped up, he's having a harder time breathing, gets overheated quickly, and has coughing fits (again, he has been checked by a veterinarian and does not have any illnesses). So, I say all that to say, he has a rough time exercising. A quick walk to the mailbox is a bit too much some days!

We have access to a pool, so I attempted a swimming lesson with Whiskey recently. I grew up with a pug that literally couldn't swim. He would sink like a rock. But, thankfully, Whiskey can swim just like most any other dog. Also, he stayed cool while he worked on his fitness. Not one coughing fit! No overheating! Score!

I have also tried filling up our large whirlpool tub and letting him swim in it. But, that's pretty hard on my back! I have to support him in the water to make him think he's floating (the tub is just a few inches too shallow). But, he did get in a good 15 minute swim. I just don't think I'll be able to do it regularly!

We're gonna give a month and see how much weight he can lose. I say he'll lose about a pound. What's your guess?

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