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Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Friday Favorites

It's that time of the week again!
Here's my Five Friday Favorites.

Dot and JC
1. My Grandparents.
This week my grandparents really outdid themselves. I am in the midst of doing some sprucing up around the 3DW house, and frankly, I needed an extra set of hands (or two.) On Wednesday night at 9:30, I called my 80-ish year old grandparents who live over an hour away to see if they could/would be willing to come for a visit and help me out. They were sitting in my driveway the next morning at 10! They worked circles around me and helped me get SO MUCH accomplished. They are awesome people and an amazing example of how you should live your life. Love them!

2. The Property Brothers
Todd and I are fans. I surprised Todd with an autographed photo of the guys. I love both of their shows, Property Brothers and Buying and Selling. Good stuff.

Momma gave us the air popper this past Christmas, and it has been put to good use. I recently switched from the normal butter and salt mix to the spritzer and seasoning. Better on the waistline and WAY more flavorful. The ranch seasoning is my favorite, but I also love the white cheddar. Other flavors that I've tried and enjoy are nacho cheddar, butter, and cheesy jalapeno.

File:Bob at Easel.jpg
4. Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting
I revisited a staple of my childhood this week. Bob Ross and his happy trees. I would watch Mr. Ross religiously on our public television station when I was a kid. I just loved his soothing voice and his easy approach to painting. You can find all sorts of clips and full episodes through a quick Google search.

Cows painting animals 462  30x40 inch original portrait oil painting by Roz

There's cows, roosters, birds, nests, and whole host of other wonderfully delightful oils. I'm sort of obsessed with cows. I don't own any, or any cow-themed items, but I love them. I may have to break down and get one of these lovelies.

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