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Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Friday Favorites

It has been a whirlwind week! So, (just barely) here's my 
Five Friday Favorites.

1. My Meeting with my Dietitian.

I'm insulin resistant. My body just doesn't like to process my insulin correctly. After many doctor's visits and finally being referred to a dietitian, I was a bit disappointed because I knew for sure I was going to get the "you can't eat anything yummy again - ever" speech. Fortunately, I got the "you just need to watch your carbs - forever" speech. My dietitian gave me LOTS of great ideas and an awesome meal plan. I am actually looking forward to changing my food so I can change my life!

2. Thrift Store Finds.

Sherry glasses were $1.50 for all three! The shirt was $4.99.
I love a good thrift store. The possibility of finding a great deal on something amazing is the best high (I think) a girl can have. Recently, I found 3 beautiful little sherry glasses that will be re-purposed as bud vases. I also found the cutest summer top. Paying retail is so overrated.

3. Lunch with my Momma.

My favorite person.
My mom is my best friend. I got to have lunch with her this week. Not only did we eat yummy food, but we also had one those amazing talks where you realize how much your mom loves you, how much she helps you, and that she's a well of wisdom to learn from. I love my Momma.

4. My Husband.

Of course, I love my husband. But, this week in particular, he's one of my favorite people. He was out of town 4 days this week working, and even though he came home super late on Thursday, he spent all day with me today helping me get ready for my mega yard sale tomorrow. He also cleaned out the garage, got the car washed, picked up tables from the rental place, chauffeured me around town while I shopped for house stuff, and took me out to lunch. I'm one lucky lady.

5. My Laundry Makeover.

I haven't posted it yet, but I revamped my laundry this week. I've given you a few sneak peeks, but the big reveal will come later. I have to say, I just walk by my laundry room, stop, and stare. It was such a simple redo, yet had a BIG payoff.

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