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Friday, May 24, 2013

Easy Laundry Room Organization: Containing the Clutter

I'm still working away at getting my laundry room in order. I've already figured out easy storage for my ironing board, so now I'm moving on to the clutter above my washer and dryer.

Take your cluttered laundry room (or any cluttered space) from this:
Look at all this junk!
to this:

Yes, all the crap in the first picture now has a home in these 3 boxes. Also, I had extra room to declutter the top of my washer and dryer, but more on that later.
I decided to throw together some storage boxes to hide all the necessary laundry stuff. Not only were they easy, they were cheap! Boxes (purchased), fabric (purchased), paint (had), and tape (had) cost about $16!

Have you priced cute (or even the not-so-cute) storage boxes lately? OMG. You could spend $16 A BOX easy. I am not exaggerating. Go. Check. I'll wait.....

See? I told you! OK, back to the project.

I grabbed a couple of small moving boxes from The Home Depot. They were only about 60 cents a piece!

I picked up a few yards of natural cloth from Hancock's. You could use any fabric you like. Burlap, patterned duck cloth, or a pretty cotton would work great, just make sure it's thick enough so the cardboard box design doesn't show through! You'll need about 4.5 yards of fabric to complete 3 boxes.

I started wrapping the boxes just like you would a Christmas present. I used heavy packing tape to secure the fabric to the box. You could use a spray adhesive, but I'm all about ease and instant results, so the tape worked fine for me.

I folded the extra fabric underneath the box so that the outer sides would be smooth.

I taped the top edge of the fabric onto the inside of the box. I used extra tape here just to make sure the fabric was secure. Since I knew I'd be putting things in and taking things out of these boxes regularly, I didn't want to run the risk of the fabric coming loose.

Whiskey kept trying to help me while I wrapped my boxes. He wasn't much help, but he was pretty cute.

Next, I printed out numbers on regular paper. I just made sure that the font size was as big as possible but still fit onto the page. I then taped the numbers onto a filing folder and cut out my own stencil.

To stencil the numbers onto the boxes I used some black acrylic paint I found in the bottom of one of my craft boxes. I also found a stenciling sponge (but you could also use a paint brush or a cheap foam brush.)

 All in all, the project only took about an hour. I think the result was well worth it!

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